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2022 OOA Speaker & Board COI Form

  • 4 Nov 2022
  • 5 Nov 2022
  • Toronto



**Speakers please note: Your disclosure slide can be uploaded with your completed COI form. Have your completed slide, as well as a brief bio, ready before you begin to fill out this form.

This form is collecting the following
  1. Conflict of Interest Declaration for Accreditation 
  2. Disclosure Slide (For speakers: first fill out your disclosure slide before completing the electronic conflict-of-interest (COI) form.
  3. 2-3 sentence speaker bio for introductory purposes
  4. Speaker Release for Video and Audio Recording

Click REGISTER in the left-hand column, once you are ready to complete your form.

Please note that this is the COI submission process and you will need to register as an attendee using the Delegate Registration form as well. 

To view the program for this event, please click here.

What to Disclose

It has become increasingly important to Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (“CME/CPD”) planners and participants that there is full disclosure and if feasible, resolution of any competing interests with respect to information being presented at a CME/CPD event. Please list any affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial or other interest that may have a direct or indirect connection to the content of a CME/CPD presentation. A potential conflict of interest is a situation where the personal and professional interests of individuals may have actual, potential, or apparent influence. In particular, for the 2 year period prior to a CME activity, we are asking all presenters and course planners to disclose conflicts using the online form by clicking the REGISTER button. A conflict of interest could include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Any direct financial (or in kind) interests NOT only those relevant to the subject being discussed

  • Ownership interest in a company (i.e. stocks, stock options or other ownership interest, excluding diversified mutual funds)
  • Membership on the company’s advisory board or similar committee(s)
  • Involvement in research sponsored by the company
  • Participation in clinical studies sponsored by the company or using products produced by the company within the last two years
  • Involvement in the design of clinical studies concerning the use of products manufactured by the company
  • Honorarium, consulting fees, salary, royalty, grant-in-aid (“restricted” or “unrestricted”) or other monetary support received from or expected from the company; member of a speaker’s bureau or non-for-profit organization
  • Relationship with one or more other for-profit or not-for-profit organizations that fund this program
  • Investments in a pharmaceutical organization, medical device company, or communications firm, or not-for-profit organization
  • Ownership of a patent for a product referred to in the presentation or marketed by the company
  • Any other financial ties that should be declared

It is the presenter’s responsibility to ensure that their presentation (including any recommendations made) is balanced, and reflects the current scientific literature. Presentations must give a balanced view of all relevant therapeutic options available and a fair assessment must be presented.

Unapproved use of products or services must be declared at the beginning of the presentation.

In addition, the college requires faculty presentations to be consistent in their use generic names during their presentation. When using trade names, it is preferable to use multiple trade names per product (if available) rather than referencing a single trade name.

How to Disclose

Each presenter should announce to the audience both verbally and in writing disclosure of the preceding information, if applicable, prior to any presentation with a slide. Speakers who have no involvement with commercial interests should also inform the audience that they are unable to identify any potential conflict of interest and have nothing to disclose.

Each presenter should announce to the audience disclosure of discussion of off-label use, if applicable, prior to any presentation content with a slide.

False disclosure or failure to disclose conflict of interest as outlined in this document could require the planning committee to replace the presenter/speaker.

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